Many Projects


I mentioned in an earlier post that I am committed to writing in two different worlds: fiction—novels and short stories and academic—articles and books. I remain dedicated to doing this work even if it seems like a very huge series of tasks. I don’t want to sound like I am somehow whining about the work. I am not. In fact, I wonder about writers who complain about doing their writing. I love the process and the completion of projects. I just thought that I should share, in this blog, some of my current and future projects.

I am currently putting the finishing touches on what I hope is a draft worthy of sending out to potential agents. It my time frame for this is accurate, I will send it out to five agents by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

Then, I can return to working on draft number two of my next novel, which is not part of the projected trilogy of the first novel, Evil Lives After. This one is a future history novel, complete with post-apocalyptic setting, with a teenaged girl as the protagonist, which I believe qualifies it as young adult. Although, I have not been able to identify exactly what that terms means. If anyone can give me an idea about it, I would appreciate the help.

On the academic front, I am reediting an article connecting Poe’s work with a current novel. It was in serious need of rewriting, and I hope to submit it to another academic journal soon.

The largest scholarly project I am launching is a book based on one chapter of my dissertation. I will speak more of that in the future.

Happy writing everyone!


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