About the 2015 Writers Digest Conference!




I spent the weekend attending the 2015 Writers Digest Conference in New York City, and it was an extraordinary experience.  This was the second year in a row in which I went to it, and I plan on returning again next year. The conference, which ran Friday through Sunday, was full of sessions that covered issues of craft, details of writing query letters, inside information on the publishing world, the scoop on self-publishing, how to promote a book, and agent pitch slams, among many others important panels.



I filled a legal tablet with notes from the conference.  Yes, while many people were taking pics of the slide shows, I was scribbling away in the old-fashioned manner–using pen and paper!  I have committed to being a hybrid writer–attempting to publish traditionally and through self-publishing.  Because of what I learned at this conference, I realize that I have much to learn about the business of publishing as well as the art and craft of writing; I am throwing myself into learning as much as I can about the business aspect as possible.


Hosted Auto Dialer

I was impressed and delighted by the gracious and welcoming nature of several of the writers who gave talks and presentations.  I was able to speak with Jonathan Maberry, Kristen Harnisch, and G.P. Ching after panel sessions, and they were all willing to share advice with a newcomer.   I want to thank and recommend them as authors and as good people.


Jonathan Maberry, Best Selling Author, To Speak at Closing Session of Social Media Conference

kristen harnisch



I came away from the conference filled with information and determination to continue to learn and grow as a writer and as a business owner (at least in the future!).   One belief I hold that is essential to being a writer was reinforced there–persistence, discipline, and dedication are essential to finding success as a writer. I will post pics from the conference in the not too distant future.  I still took them the old-fashioned way and have to get the film developed.  I am slowly making my way into the 21st Century!



To any writers reading this, plan to attend writers conferences if you can.  I have found them to be very valuable places to learn about the craft and the business.

Happy writing!

20 thoughts on “About the 2015 Writers Digest Conference!

  1. I agree about the usefulness of conferences. I worked for the Florida Suncoast Conference in St. Petersburg for many years; I got my agents there when I was first writing. Conferences that offer actual chances to get work read by agents and editors rank high on my lists. Recently I’ve had to be more strategic because I have fewer funds for travel, but I am planning on the Indiana Writers Worshop in the fall.
    One caveat I would offer: It’s too easy to hear the views an agent expresses at a conference as “the word” on current industry trends and practices. Reading agents’ blogs and web sites, I’ve decided that in many ways, they are as diverse as the writers they represent. An agent at a conference may say, “X genre is dead,” or “No one wants to see Y any more.” I’ve found it easy to think that’s gospel, when it may not be. Just a thought.
    Thanks for the great report!

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    • Thank you for an excellent and deeply insightful commentary. I agree with you that it is extremely important for all writers to evaluate any and all information they receive at the conferences or elsewhere and analyze everything.


  2. I agree that writers’ conferences are valuable both as a learning experience and as a place to connect with authors, publishers and agents. I remember my first writers’ conference in Ottawa – one of the speakers looked around the 100 or so faces attending his workshop and broke the hard, cold facts: “Only about 10% of you in this room will make it as writers,” he said. I decided right there and then to be one of those 10% and so that one statement gave me the determination I needed to make it as a writer.

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