NaNoWriMo Writing Quote Day 1


I wanted to share this very important Stephen King quotation featured in Inkslayer’s Journey’s blog!

Inkslayer's Journey


“The object of fiction isn’t grammatical correctness but to make the reader welcome and then tell a story.”

-Stephen King

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25 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Writing Quote Day 1

  1. Good to remember right after one finishes writing a paragraph. One must focus on the story and then clean up after. So easy to say, but so difficult to do, depending on the level of one’s analism, if I may be grammatically incorrect. Ulp.

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  2. I do my own survey every two years by accosting book buyers (200) outside book stores and asking them when deciding on a novel what’s important to them, pet peeves, etc. King’s statement is so true. It registered 6% on my latest survey AND was the last place issue when asked about pet peeves.

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  3. Wouldn't You Love To Know

    Hi, I saw that you somehow managed to follow a blog which I had hidden, and now deleted (shanalikespancakes/just another uni student.) I’m really confused about this whole blogging thing, so I have no idea why it is not linking back to my actual blog, which is – is there anyway you could help me? because I am soo confused?
    Also just wanted to make sure that you had followed the right thing..



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