How to introduce a well rounded character


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When a character pops into my mind and reveals themselves, I get to know them really well.

I can see them worts and all. The smirk, contempt or joy on their face is understandable. Their happy go lucky attitude or their fearful, silent, brooding insecurities I’m familiar with.

No, I’ve not heard voices or seen visions. But I do talk to my characters. Doesn’t every writer?

When meeting someone in real life we don’t learn everything about them in the first few minutes. It’s the same with a character. The more time I spend with him/her the more I get to love or hate them, admire them or fear them.

Too often I forget the reader cannot see and hear what’s in my head. That I need to make introduce the character to the reader. For my character to become as real to the reader as they are to me, I must breath life into them.

character book-905284_640

“Reader, meet Character. Character this is…

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9 thoughts on “How to introduce a well rounded character

  1. As a therapist/poet/… I sometimes start them out with Myers – Briggs Personality Assessment and see where it leads. Yet sometimes my intuition and A.D.D. take over and we wing it! These poor souls have been dragged kicking and screaming from the old grey matter and are unfortunately already well known to me.

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