Love in Every Colour – A Poem on Marriage Equality


Here is a beautiful poem by a talented young man on a very important topic.

Glass Footsteps

This blog is mainly about Autism and Mental Health, but I am passionate about promoting equality for all people.

A year has just past since the decisive Marriage Equality Referendum in Ireland, held on May 22nd 2015, in which the Irish people voted to give the same equal marriage rights to everyone in this nation. I felt very passionate about the issue, I wished I had been old enough to vote. However clearly my vote was not needed! The sense of joy in the air on May 23rd 2015 in Dublin was overwhelmingly tangible.

Of course, the hurt of the past and present was not all magically healed on that day, there is still much work that needs to be done to ensure LBGT people are treated fairly in our society, what I can say is that I now will grow up in a country where the gender of whomever I or any…

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13 thoughts on “Love in Every Colour – A Poem on Marriage Equality

  1. Beautiful and wonderful for humans to love each other without heartbreak. I wish the rest of the world felt that way too and maybe then there would be no more war, no more strike and hunger. If the world could just heal, that would be what we know as heaven on earth. So glad you reblogged this wonderful poem and for Ireland! Karen

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  2. I told my sister many years ago that the world would change as we opened one mind at a time with love and kindness. It’s not done and there will always be opposition but at least we are tilting the world in favor of love no matter how it appears to others.

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