Rest In Peace Muhammad Ali




Rest In Peace to the Greatest, Muhammad Ali (1942-2016). He was not only the greatest heavyweight boxing champion of all time, but also Muhammad Ali stood for his convictions, opposed the Vietnam War at a time when such actions were highly controversial, and eventually after his boxing career ended, became an ambassador for peace and humanity.

Much will be said and written about him now, so I leave with a simple message of thanks for his courage, his athletic ability, but must of all for his honor and sense of justice.


12 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Muhammad Ali

  1. While I am not into ‘sports’ my impression of him was always that of a gentleman. When he opposed the war, he paid dearly for his courage. R.I.P. Muhammed Ali/Cassius Clay.

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  2. he was a true fighter and sportsman with a kind and humanatarian mind. He was loved deeply by many people around the world. I remember people would get up in the middle of the night (across from the pond) to watch his fights real time… Not everyone/sportsperson can be as respected and admired as him. I am saddened by his passing, but he certainly will be one of a kind legend. RIP Muhammad Ali

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  3. I’m not a boxing fan but I can appreciate his tremendous sporting talent. What endears him to me is the fact that he was a man who stood by his convictions and became a great ambassador for peace. Your post is a lovely tribute to him.


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