National Read a Book Day


Any day that supports reading is a very good day!

Annette Rochelle Aben

So, like I really believe that NationalRead a Book Day, should be every day…  Yet when I was checking the “calendar of days” sites for special days here in September, guess what I found. There is actually a National Read a Book Day! Of course, as with many of these “national days” there was no origin information. But do we really need that to celebrate? Uh, methinks not.   


 This is celebrated on September 6th and I bring it up today, so you have a day to prepare. Perhaps send the family out on a scavenger hunt. Maybe call in “lost” to work and the only way you can “find yourself” again, is to search the pages of that book. Of course, you could “fake your own death” and “will” the rights…

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