Why Authors Need to Be as Accessible as Possible


This is an excellent post for writers!

A Writer's Path


by Katie McCoach

As an author today, you know that every reader is valuable. You love your readers; you want to keep the ones who are loyal and reach new ones. That’s what promotion and growing a business is all about – reaching new consumers.

That’s why it’s so important for authors to be as accessible to readers as possible.The easier a reader can find you and buy your books, the easier it will be to reach wider audiences.

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2 thoughts on “Why Authors Need to Be as Accessible as Possible

  1. This post mentions some very true points… including the fact that a customer who cannot buy something immediately will probably not buy it at all… This is a lesson that is punishing a lot of POD authors right now — even if their books are “offered” on major websites but not in the brick-and-mortar store. So many readers are browsers who like immediate gratification; they want to see, feel and touch books…And amazingly, this seems to hold true for as many tech savvy young folk as us old codgers…

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