Brandy Maxie, Bone Woman: What Non-Indians Just Learned About the Power of Voice


This post is excellent and needs to be read! As K.C. Redding-Gonzalez says, “Brandy Maxie is a Bone Woman, a keeper of sacred Voice.”

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

As writers, it is a grail second only to the holy one of publication… finding and using your Voice…

And here in the last days of Women in Horror Month, comes Brandy Maxie – at once a beautiful, striking young woman and a single, solitary figure standing in tears and alone at the DAPL protest campground, being vacated under threat of arrest.

Some would say the reporter covered her because of that: a vulnerable and pretty woman is always good press. But I say the reason is otherwise. Brandy Maxie is a Bone Woman, a keeper of sacred Voice.


Voice is about Knowledge, and Power, and Heart.

So clearly distressed, so clearly heartbroken, her words rattle the houses of denial where we all choose to live, a Powerful wind born of the earth itself. Her tears are transformative, even as she does not seem to know it yet –…

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8 thoughts on “Brandy Maxie, Bone Woman: What Non-Indians Just Learned About the Power of Voice

  1. thank you, Charles, for reblogging K.C.’s wonderful blog post. I love North American Indian cultures. They are, for the most part, the first Real People, the People of the Dawn, and the first democratic state of being for probably 10,000 years. They also had total equality for men and women and child. Incredible. Their sense of honor, graciousness is beyond anything European cultures has to offer – ever!. Unfortunately, Europeans taught North American Indians terrible things, like burning people, cutting off heads and gross forms of torture – that Europeans our famous for.

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  2. Thank you, Professor, for the reblog… We just cannot forget the Standing Rock Sioux right now. The constant barrage of things to be upset about has ALWAYS distracted us from supporting Native rights, and we simply cannot dis-include them in our litany of concerns affected by this Presidency. Please stand by the Sioux right now…lend them your hearts and your votes and your signatures.


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