I Stand With the People of Manchester, England




Once again, the people of the world have witnessed another horrific attack, this time on a group of concert-goers, many of them children, in Manchester, England. This terrifying attack and its  consequences are beyond horror. With great sorrow, I offer my prayers and thoughts to the people of Manchester.



19 thoughts on “I Stand With the People of Manchester, England

  1. Thank you for sharing this homage, Charles. I haven’t found the reason in my brain, having a purely hate filled reaction…I thought it best to keep quiet. So, thank you for being the voice of reason, support, and strength for those who are devastated by this atrocity. Blessings, sir. You have my deep respect. ❤︎

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  2. I do, too, Charles. As a preschool teacher, I often think how terrorists become who they are. What were they doing and what was their life when they were 4-years-old? Address and fix problems early. Hate begins early-on, and love (or just paying attention to a child) just might be a chink in the armor to prevent these tragedies. Early in my teaching I had difficulty connecting with a tough child. Boy, was he tough. My supervisor gave me words I have never forgotten, “Jennie, he needs you most of all.”


  3. Suicide bombings for “Allah” are moronic and “and all kinds of terror is inhumane”, no matter what country, religious or political persuasion engages in such horrific practices.


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