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Virginia Woolf: “The psychic risk of a novel such as Woolf’s The Waves is vast – particularly for someone for whom psychic risk was so potentially debilitating.”  This article is Written by Toby Litt who is a London-based writer. Hospital, his latest novel, is published by Hamish Hamilton. ( A reblog from 2015)

Bad writing is mainly boring writing. It can be boring because it is too confused or too logical, or boring because it is hysterical or lethargic, or boring because nothing really happens. If I give you a 400 page manuscript of an unpublished novel – something that I consider to be badly written – you may read it to the end, but you will suffer as you do.

It’s possible that you’ve never had to read 80,000 words of bad writing. The friend of a friend’s novel. I have. On numerous occasions. If you ask…

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  1. Though I skimmed most of the article, I do agree that this article generally is a good one for describing what bad writing is, however I do disagree with some points, but that could be my own bias as I was once a “bad writer” myself. Not that I’m a great one or even a good one now, but I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about how not to be a bad writer anymore.


  2. Toby Litt sounds a bit savage. Bad writers aren’t necessarily bad people, just people who haven’t had the benefit and privilege of having friends (and friends of friends) who can be honest with them. Interesting post, though!


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