Please Remember the D-Day Invasion




Please let us all take a moment and remember the sacrifices of those men, often little more than boys, who took part in the largest military invasion in the history of humanity: Operation Overlord. Thanks to their courage, they were able to begin the end of Hitler’s reign of terror in Europe. The invasion began on June 6, 1944 and lasted until the middle of July in 1944.

Many soldiers from a variety of countries lost their lives during this campaign, and today several cemeteries exist to honor those who fell. One such sacred place is the Normandy American Cemetery.




To all who fought to defeat Fascism, I give my thanks.

12 thoughts on “Please Remember the D-Day Invasion

  1. The cliff, the bombed bunkers, and the cemetery there are the most memorable experience of my travels. I wrote this in honor of that experience:
    Travel Visions
    An opulence of travel visions:
    Paris, London, Lisbon, Prague,
    beauty rampant with history and art.
    Yet etched forever in my mind
    are the beaches and cross-crowned cliffs
    above the shores of Normandy.
    A cliff face sheering from the ocean,
    Pointe du Hoc, where army rangers
    climbed point blank into German guns.
    Now, just empty bunkers on pitted earth
    and beaches, wave washed innocent,
    below silent sentinels left behind.
    Row on row of small white crosses
    guarding fields of blood-rich ground,
    Old Glory whipping, snapping in the wind.

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  2. Hello. I want to say thank you for liking my post today. I am glad I came to visit your blog. I read this post and it helped me cry. My brother was in the Navy in the late ’70’s so he served in the military for 4 years. However, he just never got his life together after that. My dad served in the Marines during WWII. He became an alcoholic. The reason this made me cry is I wish my brother had been able to live a more honorable life, however, I believe he was always mentally ill but no one knew it. Last month he committed suicide. I wrote about him on my blog and am now going to a suicide survivors meeting twice a month. We were never close, and were estranged for many years, but were at peace with each other since 3 years ago when he called me to apologize for a lot of stuff from the past and ask my forgiveness. He hadn’t realized that I had already forgiven him over 20 years ago and although I told him this and asked for his forgiveness as well, he didn’t remember it. So we were at peace with each other, but he didn’t want to start a relationship 3 years ago after all this time. He never told me how much physical pain he was in or anything about his emotional struggles. Anyway, this turned into a really long post. BUT THANK YOU. 🙂 I think this is the beginning of my grieving process now.


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