Favorite Horror Films of the 1960s: The Birds


An examination of Hitchcock’s The Birds is the next in my horror movie series.

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After Psycho in 1960, Alfred Hitchcock directed and produced his other masterpiece of horror in 1963: The Birds. Both of these movies place Hitchcock in the forefront of filmmakers, not only in America, but in the history of world cinema. The Birds was based on the short story by Daphne Du Maurier, and starred Tippi Hedren in her first featured role, Rod Taylor, Suzanne Pleshette, and Jessica Tandy, an extraordinary cast.



The movie follows an unexplained series of attacks that centers on a small California coastal village of Bodega Bay. That the attacks come without warning are crucial to developing a central theme of this film: that nature can strike back at humanity without warning. It is a mid-20th century movie that posits an ecological warning to the world that we are not alone and our actions are not without potential consequences. Certainly, this might not be the…

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11 thoughts on “Favorite Horror Films of the 1960s: The Birds

  1. Funny how we still don’t get the warnings. Maybe we think it’s just a scary movie.? 🙂 I remember vaguely enjoying watching Alfred Hitchcock hour on TV. Being scared wasn’t so scary back then. Hmmm.


  2. “The Birds” is also an excellent horror movie. I have never felt quite the same about large groups of birds. I see a theme here by Hitchcock – how to terrorize women. First, there is the horrific “in the shower scene” in Psycho, and taking showers or baths aren’t as relaxing as they once were, then the Birds trying to kill Tippi Hedren, and I have never felt quite the same about large groups of birds. Films that are creatively and artistically produced can change an entire generation of movie goers and Hitchcock certainly did that. Thank you, Professor French for a great post! K. D. 🙂


  3. Excellent movie! My husband is still creeped out. It’s a shame that many of today’s generation have not seen the brilliance of Hitchcock and the true terror of reality instead of fantasy.


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