Movie Theaters I Have Loved


This post about old movie theaters is wonderful!

Mitch Teemley


I was born loving movies, but seldom give proper credit to those magical rooms where movies blaze to life. So here are a few I have loved.

The Meralta Theater in Downey, California was where my addiction began. I saw Gone with the Wind there, and Tammy and the Bachelor and Old Yeller. It was a humble largeneighborhood bijou, but it introduced me to that magical device, the movie projector. Interestingly, it also introduced me to live music when, on a warm suburban night a handsome young black man sang three tunes, and then passed out copies of his single, “You Send Me.” The man, who almost single-handedly invented soul music, was Sam Cooke, and he remains one of my favorite singers of all time. Humble theater, grand memories.

The Paramount in Los Angeles, on the other hand, was a golden movie palace. We’d go there to see exclusive “roadshow”…

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