The Horror of New Adult Fiction & the Over-Categorization of Writing


This is another excellent post from K.C. Redding-Gonzalez!

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

Sometimes trying to figure out where to find a book you want is as hard as trying to figure out where you would market your own.

These are troubling times. Not only have we lost our Horror section in most bookstores, but now if marketing departments raised by the internet get their way, we will have to look in yet one more subsection: New Adult Fiction.

That’s right…New Adult… the new next stop after Young Adult Fiction.

And we may have the internet to blame… because it is demanding we change the way we think.


Chunk Change

I don’t know about you, but I am not liking this tendency toward condensing, homogenizing and labeling everything under the guise of search-ability without the consideration of individual characteristics that make both ourselves and what we do unique.

We are living in the age of generic categorization… an overarching, nonspecific set…

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6 thoughts on “The Horror of New Adult Fiction & the Over-Categorization of Writing

  1. Thanks for sharing this post today by KC. It was a great post. I’ve been following the Zombie Salmon (what a great name) since you shared another post by KC several months back. I never would have found that blog if you hadn’t shared it and KC made a very good point about SEO. I’ve done some reading about it in the months I’ve been blogging. I just wanted to know why everyone mentioned it and what the heck it was. I speak English and I have a strong background in math. Nothing ever made sense until I read KC’s post SEO stands for $omeone with an Exceptional Offer!

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  2. I absolutely loved KC’s post. Yes, skip the labeling and categorizing altogether. Many school librarians can only let children checkout books within their reading level. Talk about killing passion and interest in reading! Open the doors to every reader at any age. No labels or titles needed. Thank you for sharing this, Charles.


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