More Reviews of Maledicus: The Paranormal Investigative Society Book 1


I wanted to share this post of reviews again!

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“I loved this book and could NOT put it down! Written by an English professor, it is an absorbing, addictive story that left me continually wondering what would happen next. (Even while I WAS reading, I had to keep myself from glancing ahead to find out!)
I was once told the earmark of a successful novel is that the author has created characters the reader really cares about, and this certainly was the case for me. I worried about them. Putting the book down made me feel I was abandoning them to their suffering and keeping them in limbo.

Maledicus is clearly a thriller filled with the stark and chilling reality of evil — but, in its delicate balance, I found that it also reassures us of the enduring power of love.”

                                                                                                          Vivien L. Steele

“This is a layered, entertaining tale. Opening the action in ancient Rome gives depth…

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6 thoughts on “More Reviews of Maledicus: The Paranormal Investigative Society Book 1

  1. This is a wonderful review and I am so impressed by the way this reader presented her feelings. I couldn’t agree with her more. I felt the same way! It is a brilliant story with characters that pull on your heart strings because you end u caring about them so much. Only a very talented and exceptional writer can make that happen!

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