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This is the first of my students’ blogs that I will reblog. I will choose several to reblog, and when they have all been created, I will do a post with the urls of all the students’ blogs.

Ellie’s Blog

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Hello! My name is Ellie Cordes and I am a freshman student at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I am studying in the School of Business and Economics for a Marketing and Finance double major. In my free time I play club field hockey and volunteer for the tutoring program at a local elementary and middle school.

I have created this blog for my English 002 class with Professor Charles F. French. I will be posting my opinions, reactions, and responses from our in and out of class work. The unit we are studying right now is Censorship. Censorship is an extremely interesting topic to delve into for this semester. We are focusing on banned books and the reasons behind the history of censorship all over the world.

This semester we are specifically focusing on two books titled, “Fahrenheit 451”‘ by Ray Bradbury and the Harry Potter book

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