Blog Tour for Charles F. French and Gallows Hill: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 2: An Invitation to Participate!


I am reissuing my call to all of you out there to help me in this blog tour!

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I recently sent out this invitation for other bloggers to participate in my blog tour, and I have received commitments from several kind people. I am renewing my call to others for help. It requires almost no work on your part, and I can use the assistance. Thank you in advance.

Hello to all of my readers and followers. I have recently finished the second book in my series of The Investigative Paranormal Society, and I invite you to participate in a blog tour that will run over the course of about one month. If you choose to help, I will greatly appreciate it. The tour is designed so that you do almost no work; you simply choose a day to host a blogpost for the tour, and you choose from several options what you would like to do.

You may choose from:

*Conducting an interview with the author,


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