“Katy and the Big Snow”…and So Much More


This is a wonderful post about excellent teaching from Jennie Fitzkee.

A Teacher's Reflections

Katy and the Big Snow, by Virginia Lee Burton is a classic children’s book that continues to be beloved today.  After three nor’easter snow storms these past two week, it was the perfect read.  The book never gets old, children always find something new.  Today was no exception.  Frankly, the book exploded into unexpected learning about directions, geography, a yard stick, and more.

It happened like this…

As we enjoyed reading the first page, I had an epiphany.  The border depicts all the trucks that belong to the highway department.  A border.  Wait a minute — the only other author that does that in her books is Jan Brett.  Of course; Jan Brett must have read Katy and the Big Snow when she was young and been inspired.  I felt like a child in school who “got it”.  This was exciting!

We stopped to talk about  The Mitten, a…

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