Have You Heard?!


Here is another blogpost from one of my students from English 2 at Lehigh University.

Ellie’s Blog

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I am writing to explain to you an amazing secretive society that I have just recently become a member of… The Underground Library Society! The Underground Library Society’s main goal is to incentivize people to read more books by putting up posters made by hand shouting out a book they want to “save”. The ULS is an in class project my fellow students and I are working on together.

Our class is creating these posters that have the ULS name, a logo, the book we are “saving”, and a small quote or excerpt from the novel. I chose to do mine on Q & A by Vikas Swarup. I chose this novel due to its intriguing title and concept of a 10 question game show, but also because I believe the underlying message and descriptions of the poverty stricken areas of…

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