Saving Literature One Book at a Time.


This is another excellent blog post from my English 2 class at Lehigh University.


Hi all!

I would like to inform my readers about my recent entry into a secret society known as The Underground Library Society. For all of those out there that consider books as important as I do, maybe you should consider becoming a member too. There are a few criteria to join.

  1. You must love and cherish books
  2. You must memorize one book to share with the rest of the members

The society helps to prevent the complete banning of books from ever happening; from us ever reaching the point that the world is at in Fahrenheit 451. If this is your worst nightmare, come join me in keeping the magic of books alive. The book that I have chosen to share with the ULS is one that made me fall in love with reading; Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a timeless classic that focuses on the Bennet…

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