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 GOOD AFTERNOON to all my followers out there!!

First off as a little quick starter and hopefully something to brighten your day I will begin with 3 fun facts about censorship and banned books that I stumbled upon during my research:

  1. “In the 1950’s, TV shows were not allowed to use the word “pregnant” as it was considered indecent.”
  2. “The ‘Top’ Banned/Challenged Book from 2000-2009 was the entire Harry Potter series.”
  3. “The first recorded book burning in the United States was in 1650.”

Now that we had some fun and increased our knowledge on censorship and banned books, I am going to describe my classes current project and experience. The Hunt , the title of this post, relates to the next task my fellow ULS (Underground Library Society) members and I have on our hands. As I mentioned in a previous post, my class and I have all chosen books…

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