The Next Step for the ULS


Here is one of my students’ blog post about the Underground Library Society and the student’s poster.


Hello Followers!

Being a member of the ULS requires a little more than just being a lover of books. Currently we are going around school to get the word of our society out. We are trying to gain publicity without giving up the secret of what we are doing. I have created a poster that will only be recognized by my fellows members, however I am willing to share on my blog what it looks like so those who are looking to join can recognize it as well. Look for the letters U.L.S. on the top of a small poster, and underneath a drawing of an open book radiating light. This poster is hidden somewhere around campus so it is up to you, future member of the ULS, to find it! I will give you a hint. The building that it is located in has some of the best food…

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