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I offer another of my students’ blog posts about his poster for the Underground Library Society.

Through the Eyes of HGB

20180327_215022One of my favorite parts about Chuck’s English II class is his creativity when it comes to assigning homework or projects. A perfect example of this is the Underground Library Society project (unofficially named). Task: Pick a book to read, draw a poster detailing the book and a comment that best represents the book. The book I picked was The Warriors Heart by Eric Greitens. Choosing the book was easy as I had started the book over the winter break and this was a perfect reason to finish it during the school year.

For my poster, I kept it simple if you intend to jut glance at it. However, if you take the time to analyze it you will find that I hid a symbols in it. To starts off with explaining the poster, my original inspiration for the design of my poster came from a society within a video…

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4 thoughts on “ULS Poster

  1. Excellent! You make learning fun and meaningful for your students. It’s the good professors that get a nickname, you know. Thank you for sharing your students’ work. Keep ‘em coming!

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