The Underground Library Society – 1984


Here is another blogpost from one of my students and her poster!



The Underground Library Society is a collection of books from different places that are politically or socially controversial throughout the history. The objectives of the organization is to introduce one book that is intriguing and worth to be rediscovered. Each of us is required to draw a poster with a quote on the picture.

I choose the book 1984, a political science fiction, was first published in 1949 by George Orwell. He criticizes the current government system and mimic a future totalitarianism government in 1984 where people living in a highly censored country with no political freedom. A normal person with sense and consciousness, lives madly in the world of craziness. He cannot be completely accepted, unless he joins the party of the madness.

I made two posters about this book. One is a person who tightly closes his eyes. His mouth is taped with word…

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