What Book Would You Read? — Revisited




One of my best memories from summers when I was a child was of those days when I didn’t have to do anything. Work had not yet reared its head, chores were finished, and the weather was just right. It wasn’t too hot, and the humidity was low. The sky was filled with imagination-inducing legions of clouds.  On such days, I remember sitting under a tree, leaning back against it and reading a book—all day, with the exception of going in for lunch and supper. They were perfect days.



Now, imagine something like that. For one day, you have no responsibilities, the weather is nice—75 degrees, almost no humidity, and a sky of bright blue and cumulus clouds like scattered cotton candy—and you have the time to indulge in reading a book. At your side is a container of coffee, iced tea, or whatever you like. You also have snacks with you.  Remember, for this day, you are free to relax and read, as if you were a child again.

If I were to do this right now, I think I would begin to reread The Lord of the Rings.



My question is—what book would you read?

I have used this post before, but I love hearing the answers from other readers.


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45 thoughts on “What Book Would You Read? — Revisited

  1. I had that edition of Lord of the Rings…my first copy of the book. which I read and re-read over the years until the paperback fell apart…and then I read it again. I still re-read old friends, including this one, though in hardback and three volumes. I think I would probably still down with Lewis Carol and Alice though… children’s stories that intrigue an adult mind.

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  2. For me it would be A Wizard of Earthsea – the book that introduced me to fantasy. Having said for years that I really must re-read it, the sad death of the author Ursula K LeGuin has spurred me on, so it now awaits me on my Kindle for when I’ve finished the ones I’ve promised to review.

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  3. Great question! When I was a child the Lord of the Rings series, or perhaps even The Silmarillion, were my go-to books for lazy summer days. Right now though, I’d say I’d choose The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence. It’s such a well-written book that I feel like reading it improves my own writing. In fact, I’m sure it does.

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  4. I am currently reading The Deerslayer. One of the five novels in The Leatherstocking Tales by Cooper. It is bitter sweet as this very book was to be a Christmas present to a dear friend. Although a German living in Munich he was intrigued with the tales of the American wilderness. Sadly he passed away unexpectedly before I could get the book to him. It is slow reading so far but I do want to finish this and the Pathfinder, also included in the saga.

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  5. It’s raining cats and dogs outside at the moment…I would love to find myself re-reading Mary Stewart’s Arthurian books underneath a shady tree…I just finished the BBC series, “Merlin” and I think I left part of my heart in their world!

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  6. Great post. I miss those lazy days when I had hours of spare time to read as well. For me it would be either The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe or Foundation. Early favorites that I need to reread someday.

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  7. You memories remind me about getting lost reading “Gone With the Wind.” Summer, time to read, few responsibilities. The other book at the same time was “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Both strike me as wonderful reads at that time. Thanks for the memories. If I could do that today, I would read “Old Man and the Sea”. Thank you, Charles.

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  8. Jaywickman

    The Alexandria Quartet – right through, all four of them. It is forty years at least since I last read them and I remember much of the story vividly. Not many books burn themselves into your brain like that – LOTR is another one!

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  9. I loved days like that. I would start in the morning and read well into the night once the world had gone away…because I blissfully had nowhere to be the next day 😊. I cannot decide! Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Anne of Green Gables. Pride and Prejudice. Or, Harry Potter I’ll think of a dozen others after I send this!

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