An Invitation to Join the ULS: The Underground Library Society




As some of you know, the students in my English 2 class at Lehigh University became members of a group I created for my class on book banning, the U.L.S. or the Underground Library Society.

It is based on Ray Bradbury’s extraordinary novel Fahrenheit 451 in which the owning and reading of books is a criminal act. A group of seeming nomads attempt to save books by “becoming” them. They memorize books in the hope that one day books will again be able to be printed.

My students had to choose a book they would become, blog about it, and create a poster featuring the logo of the group: a book with the letters ULS on it. Additionally, they put the title of the book and a statement about it on the poster. This was one of the most successful class activities that I have had the pleasure of assigning and witnessing in my time as a teacher.

I spoke with the class and asked if they would like to open membership in the ULS to everyone, and they enthusiastically said yes. I am very proud of this wonderful group of students.

My invitation is this–would you like to become a member of the ULS? All that is necessary is to chose a book you would memorize if you had to in order to save it, to design a small poster about the book, and to put it up somewhere. For those of you who chose to join, please either do a post about your book and poster or reply here.

Again, I am very proud of my students!



Please join us!

41 thoughts on “An Invitation to Join the ULS: The Underground Library Society

  1. The Underground Library Society ( ULS) is a wonderful idea and your students are amazing. Thank you for a great concept to establish this precedent. who knows when we may actually need this to keep literature safe from overbearing religious and political groups from banning more books in their narrow minded views.

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  2. Ohhh, this sounds like fun! I’m definitely in. I know exactly which book I’m going to choose.

    Also, is there any chance I could do my post as a guest post on your blog? It wouldn’t really fit on my own blog, with it’s narrow topic range.

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  3. You know I’m in, Charles. With the school year nearly over, will the ULS continue next year? If so, I will present the idea to my public library. And, to a few public school teachers who put literacy and books as #1.

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  4. Reblogged this on K. D. Dowdall and commented:
    I’m in! I am joining the Underground Library Society! Now, we just need a list of banned books, because fantasy, fairy tales, science fiction, are always on the block to be banned – consider Harry Potter – a religious group wanted it banned. Unbelievable. So – be afraid, very afraid, because who knows, your book you be next! Join the ULS!

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