My Classroom Bookshelf


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A Teacher's Reflections

My classroom bookshelf is the most important and popular place to be.  I think so, and children certainly feel that way.  They congregate like squirrels at a bird feeder.  Yes, there are fights over books, loud times, and also quiet times.  Sometimes children read alone, and sometimes they read together.

Sometimes they read to Gloria.

Look carefully at the bookshelf.  Every book is front-facing.  That’s important, as it draws in the children.  Bookstores do the same thing.  Children can access these books any time they want to.  There is always a wide variety of books displayed; old and new; fact and fiction, math, geography, poetry, humor, art, patriotic, familiar authors, and classics.

What books do you recognize or remember?

  • Katy and the Big Snow is more than a classic.  It is geography.  And, it was the book that Jim Trelease remembered the most as a child.
  • No, David is hilarious.

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6 thoughts on “My Classroom Bookshelf

  1. This is hugely endearing evocation of books for me. They were a constant presence in my childhood. I remember “Old Yeller,” a dog tale. And “Hiawatha’s Childhood” by Longfellow, read to me by my mother. Thanks for this post.

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