A Memorial Day Remembrance


This is a beautiful post from Jennie.

A Teacher's Reflections

We have a Memory Garden at school on the playground, and it is oh so lovely. Children often stop to look, or just “be”.  Somehow they understand that it is a special place. Classroom pets who have died are buried with markers. Children who are now in heaven have a special statue or stone so they can be remembered.  The Memory Garden was the venue for our Memorial Day Remembrance.

It came to life with the planting of American flags, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sergeant Curran, our pen-pal from Afghanistan, is back home- he was the proud guest of honor.  All the children and staff were there, along with a host of parents and guests.

We opened with The Pledge of Allegiance.  My class was honored to hold the big American flag and sing “God Bless America” as we wore our flag hats.  I doubt many children have…

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