Frankenstein: First Impressions


Here is a post from one of my students’ blogs.

Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus written by Mary Shelly is a cautionary tale about Victor Frankenstein, a young intelligent scientist who creates a ghastly, sapient creature in a unconventional scientific experiment.


What I observed after reading Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in my Genres of Popular Fiction class is how significant and powerful first impressions are. Based only on a few seconds an individual can evaluate whether they want to further a relationship with you as a result of your demeanor and/or the way you dress. This is what I noticed throughout the novel. Victor was eager to create a monster, but once he created  it, he automatically judged the monster knowing nothing of its intelligence and feelings, except its appearance. Victor instantly feared the monster without giving much time and thought into how he was treating it. This goes for how we treat individuals in life. “By judging others we blind…

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6 thoughts on “Frankenstein: First Impressions

  1. One of the most empowering discoveries in Horror for me was the realization that monsters like Frankenstein’s monster only scare the first time you see him…and then you discover it is EMPATHY for how he looks and what must have happened which makes you cringe… and THEN the more you see him, the more you see HIM and not the disfigurements….a lesson we all could learn with regard to anyone we meet with a disfiguring disability….I love Frankenstein’s monster more every day for the lesson!

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  2. Loved Frankenstein and anything related to Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, et al. There was a really bizarre movie from the 80s called “Gothic” with Gabriel Byrne and Natasha Richardson that was about the summer Byron, Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley and others spent at Byron’s home in Switzerland and Mary Shelley was inspired to write the book. I saw it when I was young and I was hooked on anything Shelley or Frankenstein or Byron or vampiric from that day on.

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