Talking Death and Dying with Children – Part 1


This is an important post from the excellent teacher, Jennie about children and learning about death.

A Teacher's Reflections

“Jennie, come quick!  You need to come right now!”

Vivian was wide-eyed and worried.  I knew this was serious.  I sprinted with her over to the bushes and around to the backside.  There lay a bunny.  It looked to be sleeping and very peaceful.

“What’s wrong?  Why isn’t the bunny moving?”, asked Vivian

I said, “Thebunny isn’t alive.  It’s dead.”

Vivian didn’t know what to say.  By now, other children were curious and coming over to see.  Another teacher thought I should take the children away from the scene.  After all, it was a dead animal.

I did just the opposite.

I called all the children over to see.  It’s okay to see death.  Children needed to see, to ask questions, and to be there.  It was up to me to guide the situation and open a discussion. First we looked at the fur and talked about how…

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4 thoughts on “Talking Death and Dying with Children – Part 1

  1. There is an old film that is still out there which deals so well with this subject. I found it useful when talking to my own children about death. The film title, Rocket Gibraltar was released in 1988 and stars Burt Lancaster. Years later, they thanked me for sharing that with them and we have stolen a quote from the film, “No Worms” and the patriarch of the family only asked for a Viking’s funeral. The film is gentle and beautiful.

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