Why Do You Write?




I have a question for all you out  there who write, and that includes writers of books, poetry, plays, nonfiction, and blogs. If I left out any kind of writing, you are included also.

Why do you write?

I write because I love telling stories, because I see characters and want to know their stories, and because I feel compelled to.

So for everyone else, I am curious: Why do you write?



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59 thoughts on “Why Do You Write?

  1. This is a great question and really got me to dig deeply. My writing often reveals something about myself or my life, so it’s a way of working through things. I also write to show that I can and to have some sort of goals. Writing also makes me a part of a community of like-minded people to whom I can connect and sometimes help.

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  2. Like Andrew above I feel like I can’t not write.

    Some story or poem ideas just float through my mind but there are a few that stay, not only stay but grow and finally get to a point that there is no other option but to write them down.

    I have to say also there is some writing that seems to come through me and not from me, if that makes any sense.

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  3. I write because I enjoy the whole process of learning, experiencing, integrating, and then communicating via written word. I also write for those moments of flow, which usually come after the first paragraph or two, when the ideas spill forth from my usually sluggish mind. Lastly, I write because I’m no good at drawing or painting.

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  4. Jo Elizabeth Pinto

    Writing brings me great joy and often a sense of release. But more than that, my life circumstances have enabled me to take on subjects that let me speak for those in society who aren’t often heard from. Giving voice to those without their own platform is a great privilege and also a great responsibility I take very seriously.

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  5. My imagination demands an outlet, and writing seems to suit it. I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old, inspired, I think, by all the great books I read, and the realisation that I could do the same. In those days (the 1960s/70s) there wasn’t the plethora of artistic forms we have now (I did try drawing, but I’m pants at it), so it was the most accessible, and I immediately found I loved doing it. Can’t see any point in changing that now!

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  6. I’m glad you asked. I write to help parents and teachers better understand children. I write my share my experiences that reflect what is most important in educating young children. I love what I do, and if everyone could see through my eyes, the world could change, one child at a time. I am passionate about reading aloud because that is unlocking the door to educating the heart and the mind. And so, I write.

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