Talking Death and Dying with Children – Part 2


Here is part 2 in Jennie’s excellent series.

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 1, I opened the doors to talking with young children about death and dying. Finding a dead bunny on the playground was the opportunity I needed.  Children are often angry when a pet or loved one dies.  I shared an excellent book that can help children, The Rough Patch, by Brian Lies.  It is beautifully illustrated and just won a Caldecott award.  Highly recommended.

Part 2
Death and dying – the dreaded “D” words.  Teachers are uncomfortable talking about it. Parents are afraid to talk about it.  Often the subject is swept under the rug or avoided altogether.  Sometimes well-meaning answers such as, “She is on a cloud in the sky,” can be confusing for children.

Here’s the thing: Children feel.  Children know.  But children don’t have the words to tell you.  They have a hundred thoughts and images running through their brain…

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