Children’s Questions and a Serenade


Jennie is an excellent teacher, and here is another lesson from her!

A Teacher's Reflections

I finished reading aloud the chapter book, The Story of Doctor Dolittle.  This is a favorite book with children, and I discourage watching the movie which makes silliness out of an excellent story.

The animals are the characters, each with an engaging personality.  Doctor Dolittle is the essence of kindness and understanding.  The adventures he and the animals encounter are thrilling, from monkeys and a king in Africa, to pirates and kidnapping on the high seas.  I read this book aloud to children every year.  It never grows old.

At the end of the story, Doctor Dolittle is serenaded each night under his window. Children asked, “What is a serenade?”  Every “What is…” question is my opportunity, and I grab that brass ring.  As much as I explained a serenade, I was not able to make that word come to life…

Until a few days later.  I was…

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