Best Job Ever – Story Epilogue


Here is the latest part of “Best Job Ever” from Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

Since that wonderful day last week, when a child asked me to sing “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles, there has been more.  The music exploded in ways I never expected. Well, it was more than the music.

The child’s parents were thrilled (an understatement) that I found the song on my old Beatles album and played it for all the children, holding hands with everyone as we sang along.

They returned the favor and gave us a new children’s book of the Beatles song, “All You Need is Love.”

This is more than a book.  It is the lyrics to the song, perfectly Illustrated for children.  The book is simply marvelous!  I read it aloud to the children, that is I sang it aloud.

I have the 45, the single record.  I can’t wait to play the record and show children the insert that makes a 45…

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