Art and Music and Italy – Part 4 – the Finale


Jennie continues to offer the world excellent examples of the finest teaching!

A Teacher's Reflections

Weeks of hard work + joy = great satisfaction and achievement.  That is the perfect equation, exactly how my preschoolers felt when they finally saw their art, their hard work, their masterpieces, mounted and framed.

You would think after a gazillion years of teaching that I would know what  was coming, know the wonderful art children would create.  Nope.  This year (and most every year) I was stunned.

When a child sees that artwork, mounted and  framed, I ask the big question, “What would you like to name your masterpiece?”  Every great work of art has a title.  Asking a child to give a title to his/her work is empowering.  They have learned about many artists and paintings.  Those paintings have a name.  And now their teacher is asking them to name their painting.

I can’t think of a better way to give a child support and encouragement on…

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