When Teachers Tell Their Stories – Part 5


Here is part 5 in Jennie’s wonderful series–When Teachers Tell Their Stories !

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 4, I talked about adventure stories.  A cliffhanger ending holds  the attention in children, and that means more language and words are pouring into their minds.  Teacher bonding is an added bonus.  I told a Jennie Story with plenty of adventure, “The Raccoon Story.”

Part 5
The thrill of adventure stories continue.  Children are now connecting words and scenes with other stories we read aloud.  For example, when  Wilbur the pig was frozen with fear in Charlotte’s Web, a child asked, “Like Steve?”  Yes!  (You will understand after reading the story below.)  Making connections with stories across multiple avenues means critical, divergent thinking is developing.  Wonderful!

The Spider Story

“It happened like this.”  When I was first married we lived in Virginia, which is pretty far south.  The farther south you go, the bigger the bugs are.  Bugs are so much bigger in Virginia than…

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