The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty


Here is an excellent post from Vanessa at on an often overlooked horror novel, The Exorcist!

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Well, I had to, didn’t I? It’s October. What other book could I possibly blog about other than The Exorcist, that classic tale of demonic possession, faith, and terror? I’d never read the book, though I’ve seen the movie many times, especially in October. The film hasn’t lost its shock value, though it’s not as terrifying as it was when I saw it as a young girl.

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But the book is genuinely unnerving, creeping up with subtlety and giving you more insight into the characters than is comfortable. Chris MacNeil, in point of fact, is a much more likeable character in the book, though she is still somewhat irritating. Father Karras is even more likeable, particularly because his own crisis of faith and personal guilt are given much more attention and backstory.

2017-10-30 06.35.58_resized Blatty’s writing is accessible – short sentences, everyday words, and concise narration – which makes it all the…

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18 thoughts on “The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

  1. Cyril Jenkins

    Chuck, my confessor, the old gent you met in the coffee shop, was the altar boy for the priest the book was based on. The child was actually a boy. My confessor has told me tales of his encounters with the demonic that sent chills down my spine.

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  2. selizabryangmailcom

    Just had split pea soup the other day! (But only canned)
    And just saw Exorcist again a few years ago, alone in the living room by myself, and was STILL completely unnerved and creeped out.

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