Real Heroes


Here is a beautiful post from Jennie, the extraordinary teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

There are sad events in life that turn into goodness for others.  Gabi’s Bears is a case in point.  It started as a local fundraiser in a small Massachusetts town, after cancer had taken Gabi away.  Buy a bear to be given to a pediatric patient and donated to MGH (Mass General Hospital).

The fundraiser was so successful that the two women who made the bears decided to do more.  They made countless bears.  It was a labor of love.

Over fifty bears were initially delivered to MGH.  These heroes will be delivering more, in bunches of fifty, every few months.
And all those bears go into the arms of children who need a lovey, want to hug and love a bear.

At school, bears and loveys are important for children.  They are the ‘go to’ at nap time and when things aren’t going well.  I have a great understanding…

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