A Free ‘Oral Vaccine’ for Literacy


Here is an essential post on reading from Jennie, the wonderful teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

Yes, there really is a free oral vaccine for literacy.  It is reading aloud.  No, not reading.  Reading aloud.  Because, in order to become a reader (and a lifelong reader) you have to hear the words – first – over and over again.

When hearing those words becomes a pleasure, like the constant sound of the ocean, the magic has begun.  And those words grow more words.  And you fall in love with words, the sound of words.

You look at words and pictures in books that are read to you and make a connection with the printed word.  By the time you are six, you are eager to read those words on your own.  And you do.  You do well in school, too.  All of those words you have heard for years contributed to your academic success.  You love reading books on your own, yet you still enjoy…

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