The Past Two (and more ) Weeks – School Then and Now, Part 4


Here is another excellent post on reading from that extraordinary teacher–Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 3, I jumped right into what children need most and what I do best, reading aloud.  Setting up a YouTube channel gave them stories every day.  It was also a constant.  Then, we challenged children with art, scavenger hunts, plus math and science activities.  We encouraged children to send us photos of what they were doing, and also how they responded to our challenges.  They loved it.  The pictures flowed, and that opened the door to writing back and forth with children.

Part 4
When there is a pandemic or a crisis of any kind, we all grab onto what is near and dear to us.  Routine and familiar events and faces that we take for granted suddenly become incredibly important.  For children this is magnified, and perhaps their one and only lifeline.

As a teacher, I know this all too well.

The constant I can give…

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