Call for Beta Readers!


Please consider helping Michelle by being a beta reader for her novel!


So the time has FINALLY come for me to start finding beta readers for my novel! I am both excited and nervous about this because the first draft is TERRIBLE, but I’m at the point where I need feedback to move forward with making the novel. So that is where YOU can help! Yes, you reading this can help me make my novel better! How? By applying to be one of my beta readers! Fill out the Jotform linked here and answer the questions! It is that simple!

But here are a few things you should know before applying-

1. I’m looking for constructive feedback on character, plot, consistency, etc. It’s a first draft, so there will be errors in grammar, possibly spelling (though I try to always catch those), and formatting… I am not interested in feedback on those right now. Since I am working on making the…

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14 thoughts on “Call for Beta Readers!

  1. Hi Charles hope you’re doing well and so is Michelle. I haven’t heard from her yet. It would be nice if you can ask her to send me an email to take it forward. In case she has already found someone, I would like it if you can tell me about it. Thanks!

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