Conversations with characters


Here is a wonderful post from Roberta Eaton Cheadle about have a chat with characters!

Author, Charles French, asks “which 2 or 3 fictional characters I would like to sit down with over coffee, tea, or beer and with whom I would like to have a conversation.”

You can read Charles choices here:

Upon reflection, I would not choose a mythical character from a fantasy novel to invite around for tea and a chat. My choices would be characters who have gone through personal trauma and experience growth and personal development as a result. I think my choices would reflect the elements of fictional novels that interest me the most: What makes the character tick? Why did the character make the choices or decisions he/she made? Were their choices and attitudes influenced by their background?

The first character I would like to chat to would be Van Helsing from Dracula. I would want to know more about his background and his Catholic faith and…

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