Reading Aloud & Reading – There’s a Big Difference.


Here is an excellent post on reading aloud to children from Jennie, the extraordinary teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

My greatest passion is reading aloud to children.  I thought it was time to talk about the difference between reading and reading aloud, as I often post about good children’s books.  While reading is the goal, the dream- reading aloud is the pathway to that dream.  Jim Trelease, author of the million-copy bestseller “The Read-Aloud Handbook” says it best:

“People would stand in line for days and pay hundreds of dollars if there were a pill that could do everything for a child that reading aloud does.  It expands their interest in books, vocabulary and comprehension, grammar, and attention span.  Simply put, it’s a free “oral vaccine” for literacy.  
~Jim Trelease~

I love a good story, especially one that involves reading aloud and the stunning difference it makes with children.  Here is a favorite story of mine from his best selling book, which is proof of what happens with…

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