What Book Would You Read On A Winter Day?

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I have asked in previous posts about what book you would read on a lazy summer day, so I want to change this question slightly. Assuming that you have some time off, or even a few spare hours, and you have the opportunity to curl up with a book, what book would it be?

I am currently reading A Book Of Bones by John Connolly. It is another in his series on the detective Charlie Parker who lives in Maine and who, with his friends, battles human and supernatural evil.  Connolly, an Irish writer, imbues these works with lyricism and Catholic mysticism, as well as a deep dive into the darkness in the human soul by some and the good in others who battle that evil.  If you like your fiction dark but written as well as any piece of so-called high literature, then I recommend John Connolly, especially the Charlie Parker series. But, you need to start with the first novel and work through them in order.

So, I ask you now: what book would you or are you reading on a Winter’s day?

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