Another Review of Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 1 by Charles F. French

“Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I” is, on the one hand, a masterstroke of suspenseful storytelling, but also a touching exploration of the human drive and spirit. Maledicus, a vile demon, who in life was a monstrous torturer and advisor to the ancient Roman Emporer Caligula, embodies pure evil who will not let death get in the way of his search for absolute power.

Opposing Maledicus, we meet Roosevelt, Jeremy, and Sam, three men who, in their retirement, form a group meant to investigate all manner of the unexplained and occult. They name themselves The Investigative Paranormal Society, and before long find themselves pitted against this ancient evil who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The story spans multiple periods, from ancient Rome to modern-day Pennsylvania, all described in vivid detail, which makes you feel like you are right there with them. Our heroes are deep, complex characters, all dealing with challenges and the ghosts of life experiences that we all have as we walk in the twilight of life’s journey.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a deeply disturbing villain, relatable heroes, historical settings, and comfortable, yet sophisticated, writing. It is highly entertaining, and is as much a story exploring the relationships of three friends, as it is a gripping tale of horror and suspense.



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National Pretzel Day




April 26 is National Pretzel Day! This wonderful snack has a long and mysterious past with some claiming Italy and some Greece as the original place of their creation. No one is certain, but someone is to  be thanked for presenting the world with this tasty treat!

And as a Pennsylvanian, I want to point out that approximately 80 percent of all pretzels are made in Pennsylvania.

And I have to say that a heated soft pretzel with mustard is  a wonderful snack!

So, have a hard or soft pretzel and enjoy!



A Published Poem By My Friend Rob Fillman


I wanted to share the exciting news that my friend and colleague Robert Fillman has a poem in the journal Canary: A Literary Journal Of The Environmental Crisis.

The link is here: Canary A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis

The Science Teacher

by Robert Fillman

Robert lives in the Lehigh River Watershed in eastern Pennsylvania.

When old Mrs. Helmut got sick
Miss Carson was her substitute.
She was young, straight out of college,
voice as soft as the knee-high grass
in the fields behind the playground.
She taught us about recycling,
how to conserve more energy
by swapping incandescent bulbs,
hanging our wet clothes on the line,
unplugging old appliances.
She asked us if we had ever
heated water with a peanut,
forced our nine-year-old minds to think
beyond broken chalk and blackboards.
We made compost in the courtyard
out of our leftovers from lunch,
went on field trips to Cedar Creek,
gathered specimens to study.
She took us to the water works
where we watched sewage get filtered
into vats and sent to landfills.
My dad called her a tree hugger.
My mom thought she was too involved,
too motivated, much too bold
for her own good. Both couldn’t wait
for Mrs. Helmut to return,
for the leaves of enlightenment
to fall. The last time I saw her
she was staring out the window
of our fourth-grade classroom, singing
to herself while she watched a group
of sparrows and nuthatches peck
at the sunflower seed feeders
we made for her going away.


Congratulations to Robert Fillman on his publication!

National Coffee Day!


National Coffee Day!

Now this is my idea of an important day!



I love a day dedicated to the making, preparing, and drinking of coffee, without which I would probably not function!



On this day I must mention my favorite coffee shop, which if you ever are in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, you should visit: Taylor Roasted Coffeehouse in Northampton, PA. The owners are wonderful, the atmosphere is friendly, welcoming, and artistic, and the coffee is the best I have ever had.  And I have had MUCH coffee in my life!


Happy drinking of coffee!